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One technician position (Research III or IV) is immediately available in Shi laboratory of Proteomics & Nanobody Bioengineering.


Inspired by the exciting translational potential of nanobodies, our lab is interested in developing technologies for nanobody drug discovery. In parallel, we are interested in bioengineering nanobodies to facilitate disease diagnosis and treatment. A new direction of the lab is to develop AI-based computational tools to design protein therapeutics and to enable the discovery of drug targets towards pharmaceutical interventions. The lab is vibrant, fun, and collaborative to support creative ideas and career development. 

Requirement: The incumbent will be working closely with the PI or a senior lab member on exciting research projects including but not limited to novel COVID-19 therapeutics. Motivated individuals with strong hands-on research experiences in molecular biology, protein purification, biophysics/ structure biology, and/or animal models are preferred. Candidates with experience in bioinformatics/data analysis are also of high interest.

The successful candidate should have excellent communication skills, show care in ensuring safe and tidy performance at work, accurately measure and document data, and maintain the highest standards of ethical research conduct. Initial training may be provided by senior personnel in the lab and the incumbent will be expected to eventually perform without supervision.

Xiang, Y., et al (2020). Versatile and multivalent nanobodies efficiently neutralize SARS-CoV-2. Science.
Nambulli., et al (2021). Inhalable Nanobody (PiN-21) prevents and treats SARS-CoV-2 infections in Syrian hamsters at ultra-low doses. Science Advances
Xiang, Y., et al (2021). Integrative proteomics identifies thousands of distinct, multi-epitope, and high-affinity nanobodies. Cell Systems.
Sun, et al (2021). Potent neutralizing nanobodies resist convergent circulating variants of SARS-CoV-2 by targeting novel and conserved epitopes. Nature Communications. (2021)

The lab is funded by multiple grants including the NIH, AAZ, and MJFF. Compensation is based on experience and follows Pitt guidelines. 

Interested candidates may submit their CV, including names and contact information for two or three references, a short description of their research experience to Yi Shi at ( 

Visit our lab at: 

3501 Fifth Ave, Biomedical Science Tower 3, Room 9030

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

412-383-3242 (office)

412-383-3243 (lab)